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Ex-Interior Minister of Pakistan on the increased US military presence in Afghanistan: «The USA would like to keep being a hanging sword for Iran»

Ex-Interior Minister of Pakistan on the increased US military presence in Afghanistan: «The USA would like to keep being a hanging sword for Iran»
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President of the USA Donald Trump announced a sharp shift in the country’s policy on Afghanistan. The head of state who previously spoke in favor of reducing the US involvement in other regions demanded to boost military presence in Afghanistan and «fight to win». Why did the USA decide to stay in Afghanistan? How does it affect the geopolitical situation in the heart of Eurasia? Ex-Interior Minister of Pakistan (2008-2013) Rehman Malik shared his views on the motives of the USA in an interview to «Eurasia. Expert». It appears that the issue is not about Trump, but about the interests of the Deep State of the USA.

- Mr. Malik, what is the essence of the new American strategy in Afghanistan voiced by the US President Donald Trump?

- Basically USA wants to keep its hold in South Asia and will continue to be in Afghanistan and operate its intel operations in this region. There is no new policy and it is old same pattern earlier designed by CIA and it is still the same.

- According to the decision of the US Administration the number of American troops in Afghanistan will be increased to 12 thousand people. Some experts say that it could be the reason for Taliban to increase their activity. To what extent can that be true? How will it affect the situation in the region?

- I am on record in the past that USA will not leave Afghanistan though Obama had announced to pull out of USA. USA would like to keep being a hanging sword for Iran and continue to pressurize Pakistan.

The intention is to continue in Afghanistan and keep Afghanistan as its colony.

The activities of Taliban will continue in the same manners as long as they keep getting weapons and support from their masters.

- What role does Central Asia hold in the US military plan?

- Tajikistan is already helping USA and also has given an airbase to India. Central Asia should keep good ties with China and avoid to be used West. Central Asia should not become a party in this new war game of west.

- In the middle of august Commanding General of the US Army Central Lt. Gen. Michael Garrett visited Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. What aims does the Pentagon pursue and what agreements have already been achieved?

- You know both the countries have had some conflicts in the past. The visit of the General must be there to deepen the cooperation independently and separately with both of them. USA is likely to expand its control on the Central Asia states with geopolitical motives.

- «The American military strategy in Afghanistan has not worked and it will not work, » – says Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. What actions does Pakistan propose in the region?

- We strongly believe in a safe and peaceful Afghanistan but unfortunately the intruder like India is now using Afghan leadership for its own ends. India, USA and Afghanistan are now having a unholy alliance and PM Modi has ill motives to expand the war and take to Pakistan and China. Pakistan will not allow it to happen.

Any wrong move by USA can trigger the Third World War. If South Asia is destabilized then the heat will go up to USA and Middle East and Central Asia will automatically be sucked in it as Middle East, Central Asia, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are interconnected in multiple ways.

USA should become a genuine peace maker and not a war creator. USA announced its policy to have more control through military might.

- What stands behind Trump’s requests to India and Pakistan to do more to help the USA in Afghanistan?

- Well Pakistan has spent fortune in defending Afghanistan and housing 8 million refugees and provided Pak soil and resources to USA. We have done our part and now it is time for USA to do more by exerting more sincere efforts to settle this issue. I feel the day Americans leave the peace will automatically prevail and leave Afghanistan for the people of Pakistan and not for the USA Army.

- Today the USA and India are establishing a lasting cooperation. Do you think the USA will be able to drag India in the Afghan war?

- Well India is already there and India RAW and Afghan intel are working together. India is training Afghan soldiers and it is India which is responsible for continued strained relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
More presence of India will further endanger the regional peace.  World needs more peace makers to make the world terrorism free for the coming generations. In the end I would like to wish you and your team the best.
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